Karen Miranda Augustine

ritualistic pop artist


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Light as a Feather, Heavy Like Lead (selected works)


About this series: Starting in early 2000, I began to move away from my earlier conceptual, installation and digital photomontage art of the 1990s in order to become more physical in the way I create. Although there were some older styles in this series, I've eliminated them here to better reflect my current paint and mixed-media practice.




Annah, Get Your Gun
(2004) Mixed Media 

Acrylic, photo transfer, photocopy and stuffed monkey on canvas, 4 x 3 feet
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Contragun by Karen Miranda Augustine

(2004) Mixed Media 

Chromogenic prints, wood, nails, feathers, twine, acrylic, oil sticks on canvas and wood, 36 x 58 inches
Collection of Fred Budnik, Toronto



Girl by Karen Miranda Augustine

(2003) Mixed Media 

Photo transfer, acrylic, hair, metal and cloth on wood, 45 x 44 inches
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Reach for the Ceiling by Karen Miranda Augustine

Reach for the Ceiling
(2005) Mixed Media 

Acrylic, enamel, feathers, hair, wire, bauble, earrings and wood on canvas, 5 x 4 feet
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She carries the power of lightning beneath her tongue by Karen Miranda Augustine

She carries the power of lightning beneath her tongue (Detail)
(2004) Mixed Media 

Chromogenic prints, acrylic, wooden boxes, feathers, nails and oil stick on canvas, 2 x 4 feet
Private Collection, Ottawa



What He Said by Karen Miranda Augustine

What He Said
(2003) Mixed Media 

Photo transfer, acrylic, spray paint, broken records, oil sticks, doll, ball cap, shoelaces, feathers
and microphone on canvas and wood, 56 x 36 inches
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