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At the Crossroads: A Journal for Women Artists of African Descent

PUBLISHED 1992–1997
ISSN 1188–6471

All issues continue to remain in circulation through the following university libraries and institutions | Canada | Art Gallery of Ontario (Library & Archives), Concordia University Women's Centre, North York Board of Education, Ontario College of Art & Design, York University (Nellie Langford Rowell Library) | Germany | Adefra (München) | United States | Cornell University Library, Northwestern University Library, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin Memorial Library.

JANUARY 1997 / ISSUE #8 / 44pp

At the Crossroads #8

Artists: Rose-Ann Bailey, Stella Fakiyesi, Kira Lynn Harris, Kayvene Martin Writers: Michelle Anne Bess, Anne-Marie Grant, Jemeni, Kristine Maitland, Deborah Rouse, Sharon Simone, Miyoshi Smith, Roxane Tracy, Marcia Wharton-Zaretsky Topics: Black Women and the Politics of Interracial Pornographic Video, Arts Funding, Interviews with filmmakers Cheryl Dunye and Aishah Shahidah Simmons, Oh Canada! Exhibition at the AGO, Blade Runner Through the Lens of Black Feminist Spectatorship....


MARCH 1996 / ISSUE #7 / 56pp

At the Crossroads #7

Artists: Donna Lee Bolden, Jeff Duke, Stella Fakiyesi, Thaisa Hunter, Martine Jean-Louis Writers: Suzanne Anderson, Michelle Anne Bess, Alison Duke, Karen Flynn, Jemeni, Kristine Maitland, P. Afua Marcus, Motion, Laura Peoples, Clare Warner Topics: The Ottey Sisters — Why have their deaths not received the same attention as cases of police brutality against black men?, Ngaire Blankenburg of Regent Park's e.y.e. video, fashion designer Kafi Wilson, Abuse in the Life of a Writer, Black Canadian Culture, Hip Hop and Young Black Women....


NOVEMBER 1995 | ISSUE #6 | 56pp

At the Crossroads #6

Artists: BANSHII, Deanna Bowen, Sherri Butterfield, Stella Fakiyesi Writers: karen augustine, damali ayo, Daphne E. Barbee-Wooten, Tonia Bryan, Rita Burke, Alison Duke, Rosamund Elwin, marva jackson, Diane C. Jacobs, Jemeni, Sharon Simone, Clare Warner Topics: Tuku, Blaxam and Black Rock, PhemPhat Productions, De Poonani Posse, Racial Comedy, The Ghost of Sally Hemings, Heterosexism vs. Homophobia in the Black Community — An open letter to Linda Villarosa, actress Sharon M. Lewis....


MAY 1995 | ISSUE #5 | 64pp

OUT OF PRINT. COVER: Canadian reggae artist Carla Marshall; featured interviews with singer Me'Shell NdegéOcello, writer Lisa Jones....


DECEMBER 1994 | ISSUE #4 | 64pp

At the Crossroads, issue #4

Artists: Abena Addo, Belinda Ageda, Stella Fakiyesi Writers: damali ayo, Michelle Anne Bess, Marilyn Elain Carmen, Alison Duke, Camille Naomi Hemming, Frances Yip Hoi, marshelle d. jones, c. lewis, catherine pate, Jay Pitter, Judith Reid, Asiba Tupahache Topics: What Anita Hill and Rap Music Have in Common, Cleaning Out the Closet at Grandma's Home, Moving Beyond Defensive Revalorizations of the Dancing Black Body, Erotica, Youth Violence, Beatnik Beats, Poetry Lives on My Block, Racism in Postsecondary Institutions, 20/20 Behind Sight....


MAY 1994 | ISSUE #3 | 28pp

At the Crossroads #3

Artists: Ijose Chow, Karlene Mootoo, laura irene wayne Writers: Ijose Chow, Alison Duke, Daria Essop, Reverend Daughter Masada, Adrian Piper, Mattie Richardson, Selina Williams Topics: Urban Bush Women, Black Entertainment Television in Canada, Systemic Oppression in the Feminist Movement and Art World, Prison issues, The Triple Negation of Colored Women Artists, Richard Wright's "Bigger" Manifested in the Film Boyz 'n' da Hood....



AUGUST 1993 | ISSUE #2 | 64pp

At the Crossroads #2

Artists: karen augustine, Martine Jean-Louis Writers: adrienne blenman, Marilyn E. Carmen, Myriam J.A. Chancy, Afua Cooper, bell hooks, Nambitha (Thandie) Mpumlwana, M. Nourbese Philip, Ann Phillips, Nicole Redman, Maureen Richards, Sapphire, Terri Saunders, Tima-Soy, Cheryl Willett, akhaji zakiya Topics: Sapphire, Sugar 'n' Spice Productions, diaspora magazine, artist Robin Holder, excerpt from Memories Have Tongue, Learning Critical Affirmation, Racism in the Arts, Reflections of a Recovering Scientist, Stage Play on Battered Women....


MAY 1992 | ISSUE #1 | 68pp

At the Crossroads #1

Artists: Nicole Alfred, karen augustine, Tonia Bryan, Bernadette Dyer, Kim McNeilly, Hazelle Palmer, Pauline Peters, Ce Scott, laura irene wayne Writers: Donna Allegra, Michelle Anne Bess, Gloria Blizzard, Janisse Browning, Tonia Bryan, Marilyn E. Carmen, Terri L. Jewel, Anastasia Kaunda, Wendi Alexis Modeste (person living with AIDS), Geoff Nightingale, Makeda Silvera, Hazel R. Sladden, laura irene wayne, Bettye J. Williams Topics: Profiles of writer Cheryl Foggo and artists Amoke Omoleye, Tonia Bryan and Ce Scott, the North American Black Historical Museum, fiction....



Advisory Board: Damali Ayo, Michelle Anne Bess, Homer Jackson, Marva Jackson, Clifton Joseph, Afua Marcus, Jay Pitter, Marlon Stephen. Contributing Editors: Amuna Baraka, Diana Bryden, Karen Carter, Clifton Joseph, Tonya Liburd, Jay Pitter, Nadeira Rickford, Wayne Salmon. Art/Creative Director: Stella Fakiyesi. Production: Deanna Bowen, Sandra Brewster, Heather Green, Karen Hamilton. Advertising Sales: Beverly Burrell, Kadie Jackson, Karlene Mootoo, Roberta Munroe, Clare Warner. Assistants: Suzanne Anderson, Daria Essop, Brandy McCurvin.

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