Artist statement

American Empress stencils of Amy Fisher and Tonya Harding by Karen Miranda Augustine

My work is a mashup of indigenous spiritualism, popular culture, the metaphysical and outsider Zen.

I create two-dimensional, mixed-media art out of found materials, beadwork, elements of Haitian drapo, embroidery, and paint in a way that could be loosely described as low-relief assemblage.

All are centred around a degraded photograph — usually stencil, photocopy, image transfer, or découpage — as it’s in the raw, primitive imprint of my subject where I find the most interest.

Memorialization is a repetitive theme in my art projects, which often include some aspect of participation from strangers and friends, as are the broader (and often misunderstood) life experiences of women and girls.

I'm interested in the ways that shared experiences interconnect us and how our journeys through affliction can take us to a place of self-possession.

For these reasons, I classify my work as ritualistic pop art.