Karen Miranda Augustine

ritualistic pop artist


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Karen Miranda Augustine - photobooth

"No mud, no lotus."

— Thich Nhat Hanh

My work is a mashup of indigenous spiritualism, popular culture, the metaphysical and outsider Zen.

I create two-dimensional, mixed-media art out of found materials, textiles, photography, and paint in a way that could be loosely described as low-relief assemblage. Primarily, these works are centred around a degraded photograph — whether it be through photocopy, image transfer or découpage — as it’s in the raw, primitive imprint of my subject where I find the most interest.

My interest lies in how those who are considered outsiders experience crisis. Their outsider status may be connected to a stigma that is attached to them or by sets of extraordinary circumstances that, although may be common, are not properly dignified within the mainstream. To that end, I tend to explore these aspects of our humanity, of our common experiences of loss and tragedy that connects us.

Whether filtered through media news stories, my personal history, mythology, or casual observation, I like to dig into the intimate details of my subjects to get a sense of their true heart and connect that to the place where our earthly conditions converge with that of the Unseen.

For these very reasons, I classify my work as ritualistic pop art.

My underlying themes dwell on how one passes through affliction to a place of self-possession.


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