Karen Miranda Augustine

ritualistic pop artist
  writer + videomaker


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Karen Miranda Augustine - photobooth

"No mud, no lotus."

— Thich Nhat Hanh

My work is a mashup of indigenous spiritualism, popular culture, the metaphysical and outsider Zen.

I create two-dimensional, mixed-media art out of found materials, textiles, photography, and paint in a way that could be loosely described as low-relief assemblage. Primarily, these works are centred around a degraded photograph — whether it be through photocopy, image transfer or découpage — as it’s in the raw, primitive imprint of my subject where I find the most interest.

I'm inspired by women in crisis and the transcendence over life-changing events, which break us, leaving one vulnerable, ungrounded, and often in disbelief. Whether filtered through media news stories, my personal history, mythology, or casual observation, I like to dig into the intimate details of my subjects to get a sense of their true heart and connect that to the place where our earthly conditions converge with that of the Unseen.

For these very reasons, I classify my work as ritualistic pop art.

My underlying themes dwell on how one passes through affliction to a place of self-possession.


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